CNC Machining

Redwood Engineering provides a wide range of CNC services.

CNC machining is a very accurate, reliable means of manufacturing components from various materials to produce components as per your specific engineering requirements. CNC Machining can be very time consuming to set the job not just to write the program but to get the feel for the tooling that is being used and the way it's being used to clearly get consistent cutting, good service finish and minimal stress relieving properties.


The process we use to get a job onto our CNC first starts with having a meeting with Redwood Engineering's designer to determine whether or not the part can be made the way that you require it. We will determine whether or not the CNC machine is the best tool for the job. Once we've established this it is critical to take into account the numbers of components to be manufactured, whether you want 1 or 500. It is essential to identify whether or not special CNC tooling is required. Then the quote is to be submitted by taking all things into account such as setup time for the CNC machine, material costs, tooling allowances, plating requirements, how many operations is needed to finish the job per part. I.e. the first operation may be roughing out the profile of the part and the second operation may then be putting the component onto it's side or back and continuing other CNC operations. If the designer does not feel confident to have only paper copies straight to production it is often recommended we produce a working prototype at a once off cost or shared throughout thejob. Once the first CNC component has been manufactured on the CNC machine the senior engineer checks off all working dimensions and once the all clear has been given and dimensions are correct and within tolerance we are now able to run the machine at it's full 100% capacity until the job is complete.


CNC machining is fast to manufacture large quantities of parts and maintaining tolerances as specified on the drawing. CNC's have the ability to do angular and radial interpretation on all axis. Our CNC machines 'Mazak' have one of the worlds easiest control panel and if the software does not allow us to do certain procedures we can override it with manual programming (using G-Code & M-Code). High part to part accuracy and consistency.